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The history of KSL Staubtechnik gmbh brings us back to 1949. At that time, the calcium carbonate was used as a filler material, but starting 1950s, Germany
together with FOGRA, begins to develop the first anti set-off spray in powder for the printing industry.

Since then, KSL kept maintaining a strong market position with maximum product quality and a dense worldwide distribution network. Today their product range
includes numerous technical powders for a wide range of applications.

Besides sheet-fed offset printing, their powders are mainly used for plastics or glass manufacturing.

Today KSL Staubtechnik gmbh is a modern, medium-sized company with a typical quick decision-making process. The powders are all “Made in Germany” and they
have an excellent reputation worldwide.

Furthermore, besides the top-quality products, they equally focus on the satisfaction of their customers and they can offer tailor-made products as well.

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