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Now available with MPM, KLINGSPOR is one of the worldwide leading manufacturers of high-quality coated abrasives, cut-off wheels and grinding discs.  More than 50,000 products are available for the customers in order to choose a suitable product for each application.  Economic efficiency, quality, price and service are the decisive factors for the product choice.

“Everything from one source” not only includes KLINGSPOR’s control of the entire manufacturing process, but also expert advice for the customers to make their choice of the appropriate abrasive product.

With more than 2,000 employees at 36 sites, KLINGSPOR guarantees worldwide service for the required proximity to customers.   A team of over 300 qualified sales representatives, high skilled technicians and engineers will give you local support.  Together with our logistic partners, we assure prompt delivery, wherever our customers are located.

Coated Abrasives for Glassworking

For every grinding process KLINGSPOR offers the suitable product.  This is possible due to a product range of over 100 different types, each with up to 15 grit sizes.  For the glassworking industry, silicon carbide is the most suitable grain because it continually exposes new cutting edges as the grain wears down.  It is also the hardest of the 3 most popular grains used in manufacturing abrasives.  Silicon carbide provides rapid stock removal and excellent results in glass finishing.  KLINGSPOR’s CS 320 X, CS 320 Y belts are waterproof and are available through MPM in grits ranging from 40 to 800.

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