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The company was founded in 1976 under the name of TCME and today it is internationally known as Cooltemper.  The brand name now is sinominous with quality, high technology, glass tempering equipment. As a major supplier to the worlds leading glass companies, Cooltemper is a world wide recognized and trusted partner.

80% of the products it manufactures are flat glass industry related and the other 20% are all special, super high temperature,  ovens for the steel and ceramic industries.  By far the biggest single product range that the company manufactures is the flat glass tempering furnace in many different forms and sizes.

Manufacturing from three factories, the company has a total of 24,000 M2 of capacity with 140 highly skilled engineers and a total of 170 dedicated employees.  As an ISO 9001-2000 certified manufacturer and supplying to over 34 different countries, Cooltemper has also to comply with world-wide CE, UL, ASME & CSA standards.

With a company policy of constant re investment in products and new technology, Cooltemper aims to keep four to five years ahead of its competitors.  For this reason, they are internationally renowned for supplying reliable, energy efficient, quality products.
Using quality component parts on the machines is also very important as no company can make all the parts it fits onto its machines.
Cooltemper’s component parts suppliers are market leaders with the best technology in their area of expertise.

The company has a number of sales agents like MPM based around the globe.  All of which offer, not only sales support but also crucially,
after sales service.  This is important to us and our customers. To keep the end product made on our furnaces well above the
industry standards, we have a duty to offer personnel re-training program and after-sales service.

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