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Denver Quota Series 3/4 Axes Horizontal CNC Machining Center

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QUOTA GLASS series machines are multifunctional CNC working centers with 3 digital interpolated axes (4 axes optional). They features a powerful kW 10,2 (S6) air-cooled electrospindle specifically designed for outstanding lifetime. All axes motion is powered by brushless motors with accuracy ensured by prismatic steel guideways with 4 revolving balls pads protected by bellows. QUOTA GLASS, thanks to their advanced ergonomics, feature top class working area/machine footprint ratio allowing peripheral machining of large glasses in an extremely reduced space.
The machine is driven by a CNC OSAI control unit with axes control digital technology and run by a worldwide renowned user-friendly 2D and 3D (Option) software interface.

QUOTA GLASS features include:

  • Linear tool magazines allowing better access and dependability with a larger working area.
  • Self adjusting aluminium table with longer life and planarity.
  • Monolithic normalized and heavily ribbed steel frame.
  • The machine is driven by an OSAI CNC  with digital axes control technology.
  • Adaptive system dynamically detecting polishing wheel wear and adjusting pressure on the workpiece on a real time basis
  • Automatic lubrication system
  • Powerful, user-friendly and adaptable software

In its available configurations QUOTA GLASS series machines  can perform routing, edging, drilling, writing, edge-polishing, grooving and cutting to process a large variety of products such as:

• Vanity and table tops
• Shower and interior doors
• Partitions and shop fitting elements
• Furniture components

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