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Denver Digit Series 5 Axes Horizontal CNC Machining Center

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DIGIT GLASS series machines are multi-functional CNC working center with 5 digital interpolated axes holding no less than 7 patent for Denver. It features a powerful Hp 18,8/ kW 13,8 (S6) air-cooled electrospindle specifically designed for outstanding lifetime and efficiency. All axes motion is powered by brushless motors with accuracy ensured by prismatic steel guideways with revolving ball pads protected by bellows. The machine is driven by a CNC OSAI control unit with axes control digital technology and run by a worldwide renowned user-friendly software interface.
DIGIT GLASS features include:
• Linear tool magazines allowing better access and dependability with a larger working area.
• Self adjusting aluminium table with longer life and flatness.
• Monolithic normalized and heavily ribbed steel frame.
• C-axis rotation with an exclusive cable system which dramatically reduces maintenance costs, making obsolete the traditional systems with distributors and brushless motors (Denver patent)
• 5 Axes head (XDrive) featuring “0” gearboxes backlash on the A axis. Liquid cooled heavy-duty electrospindle with high efficiency and durability. (Denver patent)
• The machine is driven by an OSAI CNC with digital axes control technology.
• Adaptive system dynamically detecting polishing wheel wear and adjusting pressure on the workpiece on a real time basis
• Automatic lubrication system
• Powerful, user-friendly and adaptable software
In its available configurations DIGIT GLASS series machines can perform the following functions :
• Routing                                                • Writing on the glass edge
• Shaping and edging                            • Grooving
• Polishing                                              • Straight cuts with saw blade
• Drilling                                                 • Shaped cuts with concave saw blade
• Beveling                                               • Flat edging with cup wheels
• Writing on the glass surface

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