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Denver Aqua Waterjet CNC Machine

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AQUA from Denver  is a modern, versatile and high-performance abrasive waterjet cnc.
Featuring 3 interpolated axis with brushless movement, it performs fast and precise cuts. Axes stroke is on high-precision guides with helical teeth rack and pinion transmission which are lubricated by a centralized pump.
Machine is designed with a “Flying Bridge” structure: tank with work bench and rear beam with flying bridge sliding on it. This layout offers 2 main advantages:
– Accessibility on 3 sides of the working area.
– Guideways completely separated from the tank preventing thermal expansion which would                                              compromise processing precision.


AQUA features a high performing and low-maintenance pump  fully managed by the machine’s control panel. Top class technology from a leader manufacturer. Hyperterm HyPrecision waterjet pumps are built with Advanced Intensifier Technology (AIT). From a new intensifier pump usage conception,they developed pumps which work harder, last longer, and require less service time. AIT is what make Hyperterm HyPrecision waterjet pumps more cost-effective compared to any other waterjet pump.


The possibility of processing different raw materials such as curved and molded glass, steel, marbles and synthetic stones, plexiglass and plastics makes AQUA able to perform various products which can be exploited in different industries:
– Third party processing for alternative markets
– Finely detailed work for the construction industry
– Furniture components production
– Machine or electronics parts construction
– Production of tailored pieces for prototypes
– Mechanical parts for medical equipment creation
– Gears and similar production
– Creation inlay and decoration for coverings and flooring
– Tailor-made details realization for the shipping industry


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