STA Centrifugal Separators are using the physical effect of phase separation in centrifugal fields for the stacleaning of process fluids without chemicals, nor filter disposables. The removed solids are dry and pure. Centrifugal Separators are relatively compact systems and easy to be integrated; they fit a wide range of applications.

Especially in the glass industry STA Centrifugal Separators are successfully installed for clearing grinding water, coolant and other process liquids. Their highly efficient rotor acceleration of about 2,000 g’s are applied effectively on the glass particles, achieving high grade efficiencies for particles sizes even down to 1 to 3 microns. As a result, the separated sludge is perfectly compressed and doesn't require further drying. STA Centrifugal Separators help saving water, time, disposal costs and loads of space.

Since 1992 STA, as a family-run machine building company with more than 30 employees, has always been truly customer-focused. With application knowledge and thorough system design, they are integrating their solutions successfully into our customers’ processes. Relying on modern engineering resources they implement special customer demands quickly and reliably. Based on the experiences from over 1,500 worldwide installed units, and considering always the latest safety regulations, they develop develop high-performance, long-life and safe machines. By means of research on their
machine’s fluid dynamics and extensive field trials we make sure that STA’s separators remain the best
performing on the market.


Centrifuge Vs Chemical precipitation