Since 1982, Profilglass has planned and produced spacer bar and decorative profiles for insulating glass. In the last years, profilglass

the company has achieved the position of worldwide leader in the industry, exporting to 85 countries.

Profilglass can produce decorative profiles in different forms and measures and they are suitable for any kind of market it serves: with four high-precision cut lines which allow the processing of widths that go from 20 to 1,600 mm, Profilglass can satisfy the most demanding client with a diversified range of products.

The precision of the cut allows them to achieve the best quality in the soldering process and consequently it allows the most excellent performance of the profile inside the insulating glass.

Endowed with the most modern coating machines and by a presswork division, Profilglass offers a complete colour spectrum together with accessories essential for the assembly of the system.

Moreover, the profiles division storages comprehend a 1,500 square meters area and allow immediate deliveries.

A Partnership with MPM is only beneficial for the Canadian market because of its already well implemented national presence thus providing prompt deliveries from the local warehouse.