Maver’s cutting tables have always been distinguished and recognized for the high quality of their components, made by the primary global brands from all over the world.

This guarantees our customers, the reliability of the machinery and quick delivery of any requested spare parts both by Maver’s assistance center and from distributors such as MPM. Every finished cutting table is carefully tested and all its parts evaluated. It is submitted to a "stress cycle" for 24 hours analysing any interruption in the movement of the three axis. Should the machine pass this "stress test", it will then be delivered to the customer.

Maver Glass Machinery is a company specialized in designing and producing high-tech glass cutting tables and cutting lines. It also offers its customers an expert advice in the planning of the work space. Thanks to their knowledgeable staff, Maver and MPM suggest the most appropriate machine for every customer. The machine can be designed and custom made accordingly. All machines are elaborated by our design department that is continuously in contact with the end users (glass manufacturers, window fabricators, and so on...) in order to anticipate any new market demand. The next steps in the construction and assembly are executed by our specialized technicians in the company and the after-sale service provided by Maver’s & MPM’s qualified technicians.

Experienced, friendly and helpful staff is at your disposal for any kind of technical and commercial clarification.