The necessity to identify your own glass products according to the national and internationalMarker-logo
 regulations is very important, for every company. Rather than the  traditional marking methods
 which are using acid and ink (with toxic problems and poor quality) you will find on the market a
 sandjet marking system produced exclusively by MARKER ITALIA and which has been adopted
 with great satisfaction from companies all over the world.

The machines are working with sand, sprayed with compressed air through a tempered steel stencil
 fixed on the marking head. In this stencil, you have the logo and normative information that you
 wish to mark. The sandjet marking is made in only one second and guarantees a perfect quality and
 definition even for complicated logos with as small as 0,05 mm. These machines can be operated
both manually and automaticly operated, they do not require a particular maintenance and the sand used
 for the marking of the logo is completely recovered.

MARKER ITALIA & MPM have a great service structure with highly specialized technicians, laser systems of
 the latest generation for their machines along with the finest software to allow them to answer all the
customer’s needs.

Marc Prevost Machinery is able to ship all marking accessories in a very short time, both for Marker’s machines
 and for other manufacturers’s.

The research, study and application of MARKER ITALIA  has allowed them to create very
 versatile and easy to handle machines that do not require any particular maintenance. All of their
 products are innovative and strictly manufactured according to the CEE-normative laws and the
 well-being of the operators, they have a standard warranty and are protected by international patents.