Ghines can be described as “smart manufacturer”, a distinctive feature of our company: straightforward ideas focused on specific exigencies and typical Italian inventiveness and technology, wide-ranging R&D, to be in a market which is moving forward.

For more than 25 years Ghines has operated in the stone market, constantly generating ground-breaking solutions for stonemasons in order to enhance and improve their work, since the release of the Sector, the first portable shape-milling machine in the world, that was created in 1985.
Such has been the success of this small machine, that by saying “Sector” means nowadays a “portable machine for contouring”.

In the early 90’s our Company embraced also stationary machinery production, as to say, “operator Controlled” stone-working machines; no later than a few years after that, Ghines puts up a new production line for vulcanized polishing tools, protected by a world patent.

With the Millennium shift, the next step was to enlarge the production range to a complete set of tools. Indeed, in the G-Tools line, has all the most effective diamond coating techniques combined, taking full advantage of each techniques according to its specific function, both in manual machinery tooling and CNC tooling.It could therefore be sensible to speak of Ghines as a “world apart”, marking its own way with a straight and simple problem-solving approach.